Model 24-4- 4" Inlet Cfm Range 100-250
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The Turbo II Precleaner has specially designed stationary vanes, which cause incoming air to spin. As the air spins, centrifugal force separates dust, dirt, sand, rain and snow from the clean air. The contaminates are blown out special discharge ports by a high velocity, air powered roter. Only the purified air goes to the air filter. - Removes up to 98% of impurities from intake air - Self-Cleaning - Powered by intake air - Installs in seconds - Saves Money - Extends air filter life - Saves Fuel - Protects your engine - Saves servicing time



 Translectric Item Number  Manufacturer Part
Model 24-41-024-015

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  Detailed Specifications
Inlet Size
Inlet Size 4 inches
Operating Range
Operating Range 100-250 CFM

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